Jelle van der Coelen Developer, Dreamer, Chef

Hello and welcome to my little profile page. My name is Jelle and I'm currently the technology director and co-founder at MostWantIT, a full service internet company, specialised in anything you find on the web. We create sites, shops, apps and software from scratch and convert your ideas to the interwebz.

TL;DR: Wanted to be a chef, went on to study Interaction Design, eventually ended up programming and developing. Today I own and run multiple businesses.

When I was young I've always wanted to become a professional chef. So I took my chances and got accepted at Vakschool Wageningen, a school for hospitality industry and tourism. I studied to run and manage hotels, restaurants, bars and got some experience working in professional kitchens. Besides studying, I had a part-time job as a cook in several restaurants.

It became clear to me that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life working at hours others were having fun. So I choose to switch to something completely different. Interaction Design. At Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, I learnt how to design websites and interactive applications. Did some UI design, but also took some courses in video editing.

Doing an internship at an advertising agency, I was quickly deployed as a webdeveloper instead of a designer. After that I developed myself to become what I am today: A master developer with skills that some of us can only dream of. I like to keep things modest.

Besides writing code and teasing colleagues I also like to cook, write stories, produce music, watch anime/movies/TV series and travel the globe. Check out my projects for more info.

Otaku Database

This is going to be a fan controlled community for anime and manga lovers. The focus would be on becoming kind of an iMDB. Easy search for series, games, characters, staff and other information. Instead of some lame, hobby forum for users who only tell others how much their favourite show sucks.


You could call this my life work. It's a story of epic proportions I've been working on for ages. It is set in a fantasy world, combining elements of steampunk, science fiction and epicness. More to come soon.


A javascript 'Lightbox' popup/window manager. Nothing more nothing less, specially designed for showing fullscreen images and modal windows using AJAX. (Next on my list to be updated… Current version would be 7.0.0 instead of 4.0.3)


A PHP based framework implementing the MVC architectural pattern. Project site not coming anymore :).